Paul’s editorial and celebrity photographs were featured in Vogue, Mademoiselle, Elle, Glamour, British Vogue, German Vogue, Australian Vogue and The New York Times Fashion of the Times Magazine for 30 years, before he moved into fine art photography in 2006.

Focussing on large-scale photography projects about Place, he has been working in one particular location since moving his home and NYC studio to New York’s Hudson Valley: the bucolic farm and garden estate owned by close friend and renowned NYC florist, Zezé. Eleven years and thousands of photographs later, Paul continues to work on the project full time, twelve months a year, and it has grown to include all of the flora and fauna living on the farm. Titled, “Fifty Acres,” it encompasses four photographic series: Big Blooms, Fowl Portraits, Paradisus and Disturbed Paradise. Each of these functions as a different form of exploration within the greater context of the landscape and the creatures which occupy it.

Other photographic projects include a water series titled "Into the Blue" that began in 2007, and is inspired by his love of swimming, and of the kinetic liquid structures that are created by moving water. These photographs are made to be exhibited individually or in groups, forming new relationships between the various patterns, lines and spaces and creating a new compositional mosaic of fractured color and light.  Another project about Place, that began in 2010, documents the physical, historical and geographical landmarks on one ranch in central Wyoming, that is part of a 710,000 acre conservancy committed to developing Wyoming's energy resources in concert with protecting the environment. 

Since 2009, he has also been committed to an ongoing pro-bono studio portrait series of Foster children for his local New York chapter of the National Heart Gallery- a volunteer organization that creates new connections for Foster children in need of adoptive homes. The photographs are exhibited in public places along with brief bios of each child in the hope of finding them a "forever family." 

Paul’s photographs are collected worldwide and are included in Aerin Lauder’s art collection.A native New Yorker, Paul now lives in Upstate New York with his wife Jennifer, who is also his business and creative partner.